The road ahead

Greetings dear travelers,

It’s been an incredible journey, with a long road ahead, but we are finally here. High Roller Entertainment is a small game company that was developed originally in 2011, back during a time of great financial crisis, uncertain times, and a far flung team that had many challenges ahead. Despite it all, we’ve stuck together, and here in 2017, we stand with an LLC at our back and a financial situation that lets us stride forth. And so we shall. In the coming days, we will be activating more and more of our site, we will start showing off our designs, upcoming products, and even launching our second site, soon, to begin paving the way to our first game, Prolecto Adventures. For today, we open our doors with the expectation that there are people who have been waiting, and want to see where we are now. ┬áIn the past, I’ve maintained much of the communications myself, but today I stand as more of an administrator, with our community manager, Kara Setser, taking the reigns. But on behalf of everyone here at High Roller Entertainment, I wished to welcome you all personally to our company, and the many stories ahead.

Until we meet again, dear traveler,

Matthew MacDonald, creator of Prolecto and founder of High Roller Entertainment.