Welcome to High Roller


We’re High Roller Entertainment LLC. We’re a small game studio based out of the Greater Seattle Area and it’s an honor to be here. Today’s an exciting time to be developing games, writing stories, and building entire universes within a world changing so fast that science fiction can become science fact before it ever makes it to print. We hope to make our mark by building fun, engaging, and immersive stories and games that will captivate for years to come.

Today we break ground on our new home page. This site will act as the general landing page, providing you with news, details, and events across all High Roller Entertainment products. We also invite you to check out our games tab, leading you to our game site portal (under construction), as well as our community forum.

Thank you for visiting High Roller Entertainment, it is our great pleasure to leave you with what we hope will become our most memorable parting,

Until we meet again, dear traveler.

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