Getting going!

We finished our Q1 Meeting and it’s now go time. We’ve successfully broken ground on our new project that I’ll be discussing in a little bit once I’ve finally figured out what we want here on the website. Once it’s […]

Migration complete!

After quite a bit of doing, we’ve managed to get the server migrated to where it needs to be! We are now open, welcome to High Roller Entertainment. -Matthew

Server Migration

Apologies on a slight delay. We are migrating our IP environments together in a process that will take 5-7 days. Stick with us as the site may temporarily go down during this migration. At the end of the process, account […]

The road ahead

Greetings dear travelers, It’s been an incredible journey, with a long road ahead, but we are finally here. High Roller Entertainment is a small game company that was developed originally in 2011, back during a time of great financial crisis, […]

Welcome to High Roller

Hi, We’re High Roller Entertainment LLC. We’re a small game studio based out of the Greater Seattle Area and it’s an honor to be here. Today’s an exciting time to be developing games, writing stories, and building entire universes within […]